Yizhi Miaow Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier, Kangaroo Pocket Holder With Ears for Women's Fit

Yizhi Miaow Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier, Kangaroo Pocket Holder With Ears for Women's Fit

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Big Pouch Hoodie Long Sleeve Pet Dog Holder Carrier Sweatshirt

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  • Gray color with two styles, on the front of one styles except the cat face, with no embroidery, wording, fish, just the cat face.



  • As you can see here, it’s versatile in terms of what pet and size you want to put in the front pocket. The ears are adorable and you really love the thumb hole in the sleeves with paw prints for hoodie A and breathable mesh for hoodie B,So comfortable,Nice quality fabric. Super cute design.It says "who captivated my heart?"The pouch and ears on it are the cutest!
  • You will love that this allows You to carry your cats/Dogs while continuing about your day! Not only these your small kitten had loved it and it's taken a bit to get your adult cats used to it, but I'm sure they'll love it too. You will also be able to use this on outings with your shy Chihuahua that always wants to be carried and has burrowed into your hoodies before. Another thing you love about this is that you can remove the liner in the pet pocket to wash it separately if needed.


A pet carrier or a pet bag ? The pet pouch hoodie is a top choice! The hoodie can be worn alone

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  • Big kangaroo pouch, your small pets will like to snuggle up in soft pouch. You'll look cute yourself with the pet carriers hoodie's ears and paw print design, a perfect gift for pet lovers.
  • Pet carrier hoodie is not only a tool for cuddling your small pets like chihuahua or kittens around and socialize, but also helping to keep your hands free when you enjoy a nice walk or hike with your pet snug in the pet pocket.
  • You could share your feelings with your pets when your cuddling or hugging it, big pockets can also put cell phone, ipad, toys or snacks. Also you can take your small pets go everywhere, even travel around.
  • Hoodies B: Two zippers with four zipper pulls to control the size of the opening, if the zipper right off, Please be patient, it's very easy to fix, If still not, please refund or exchange new one.
  • Thanks for all.